Thailand is a terrestrial paradise of South Asia that for several years has been attracting more and more tourists from all over the world.

It is a country with many places still unspoiled where beauty and nature manages to excite us as never before .

Let’s see what we should not get lost in this beautiful place and therefore what are the best travel destinations in Thailand.

Of course, you have to start from Bangkok!

Also called the city of angels or the Venice of Asia is the incredible capital of the Thai kingdom, named the best city in the world for four consecutive years by the magazine “Travel & Leisure”.

Divided into 50 neighbourhoods, Bangkok really offers many attractions, starting with its temples: “Wat Arun”, “Wat Pho” and “Wat Prakeaw”.

A natural wonder is “Phuket”, it seems to be inside a documentary where intense nature and crystal clear water surrounds you.

“Phuket” is the largest island you can find in Thailand and consequently offers a myriad of activities: jungle excursions, city walks, diving, snorkelling …

And what about “Koh Samui”? A heavenly atoll in the Chinese Sea, it is a pearl of Thailand ‘s Gulf, characterized by long white sandy beaches, excellent traditional cuisine based on fish and seafood and an extraordinary rainforest.

Do not miss “Koh Phi Phi”, absolutely better known as “Phi Phi Island,” is perhaps the most famous island in Thailand!

The city of “Chiang Rai” in itself has a single interesting point, just a few kilometres from the centre is perhaps the most beautiful temple in Thailand: “Wat Rong Khun”, “the White Temple”. The exterior is finely sculpted, while the interior falls slightly into the art: in fact, you ll find Spongy Bob, Hello Kitty, Michael Jackson … The surroundings of “Chiang Rai” also offer excellent points for trekking and excursions.

“Koh Pha Ngan (or Phangan)” I am convinced that perhaps you have only seen it on a postcard or TV! If there is a paradise, this place seriously looks like it … It is an island that attracts thousands of backpackers every year, especially on the occasion of “Full Moon Parties”.

“Ayuttaya” is a very old city situate about 75 km from the city of Bangkok.

It is onsidered to be a beautiful place to see in Thailand as UNESCO says too.

Another old city is “Lapburi” country, houses some, You can visit many temples. But not only…

Most visitors come here to see the many monkeys that colonized the area. Hundreds of them are found literally in the ruins.

“Prang Sam Yot” is the best place to visit Monkeys and architecture.

Another beautiful place is “Isan” in north of Bangkok rather very appreciate by tourists. Thailand.

“Khao yai”, considered as one of the most beautiful parks in the world, among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is very large, and perfect if you like hiking home to several kinds of animals including Tigers and leopards, pythons, but not only…there are gibbons and birds, too.

Thailand is certainly an amazing place to live in adventure!

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